A. 1-2 weeks

    B. 2-3 weeks

    C. 3-4 weeks

    D. 4-5 weeks

    A. Medicaid

    B. Blue Cross Complete

    C. Molina/UHC

    D. Delta Dental

    A. The case is in the office

    B. The case is past due from the lab

    C. The case is ready for patient pickup

    D. The case needs a prior authorization

    A. Print a full mouth X-ray

    B. Fill out all forms with doctor, practice, and patient information

    C. See what insurance is to see what form you need to complete

    D. Send the forms to each insurance company

    A. Check the lab tracker for case status

    B. Print the pre-auth form

    C. Have the doctor sign the slip

    D. Call the patient to inform them