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Tooth Protection and Restoration

Often, we come across situations where fillings in our natural teeth are no longer a practical solution to our dental problems. For example, a severely worn down or broken tooth may require a crown to cover and protect what remains of your permanent tooth. If you have had a root canal performed on your tooth, you must get a crown for protection. Our specialist is well-equipped to ensure that you will not need to have your whole tooth extracted, but rather use a crown to cover this tooth, and make it look brand new.

Cosmetic Purposes

Crowns are an effective cosmetic option to increase your confidence by boosting both your smile and overall appearance. They are a useful treatment to cover misshapen or permanent discoloration of your teeth. Our specialist will work with you to incorporate your vision as well as their dental advice to achieve the best plan.

Excessive Teeth Wearing

Some dental procedures, such as implants or bridges, require the placement of a crown on top. An implant or bridge are a dentists go-to treatment when replacing missing teeth, and it is necessary to add a crown to these. This is something we are specialized in at Deluxe Dental, and will happily work with you if this is the treatment you are seeking. Also, you may need a crown to cover a tooth that needs support after a large filling has been performed, but there is not a lot of tooth left. Contact us today and let us help you prolong the lifetime of your teeth.

#1 Crown Specialist In Michigan
Crowns are one of the most effective restorative treatments to fix damaged teeth. This procedure requires only two easy appointments to restore your tooth to its natural shape, size and strength, while also improving its all-around appearance. Crowns are permanent, affordable and comfortable – sign-up today for a free consultation!

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Very nice and pleasant in the waiting room, all the staff and the doctor are very caring people. The dental assistant was very nice in explaining why my old dentures didn’t fit properly. I will be referring all of my friends to Deluxe Dental!

Christine Shellhammer

My family has no insurance and I could not afford to take care of my children’s teeth. Deluxe Dental took us in with the best care, treating us no differently. They helped my whole family get our smiles back.

Sam B.

I was referred here by a friend and I am so thankful. After having some very bad experiences with other dentists, I had become anxious with the thought of seeing one. My experiences with Deluxe Dental took all of my worries away.

Serena S.

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