A. To introduce new dental techniques

    B. To outline the expectations and steps for Deluxe Dental employees

    C. To provide a history of Deluxe Dental

    D. To detail patient billing procedures

    A. Start taking X-rays

    B. Ask the patient for their date of birth

    C. Begin the dental procedure

    D. Explain the treatment plan

    A. Suspension

    B. Reduction in pay

    C. Termination of employment

    D. Reassignment to a different role

    A. Before introducing themselves to the patient

    B. Immediately after taking X-rays

    C. Before making any physical contact with the patient

    D. After completing the dental procedure

    A. Panoramic X-ray (PAN) and four bitewings

    B. Only four bitewings

    C. Four bitewings and two Periapical X-rays (PA)

    D. Only a Panoramic X-ray (PAN)