A. To share patient information with colleagues.

    B. To maintain confidentiality of all patient information.

    C. To post patient information on social media.

    D. To discuss patient information in public areas.

    A. Ignore the injury and continue working.

    B. Report the injury to a supervisor immediately.

    C. Wait until the end of the day to report the injury.

    D. Report the injury to a coworker.

    A. Wait for the fire department to arrive before evacuating.

    B. Evacuate the building immediately and use designated fire exits.

    C. Continue working until you see flames.

    D. Call family members to inform them.

    A. Ignore the complaint.

    B. Report the complaint to a supervisor and address it promptly.

    C. Argue with the patient.

    D. Tell the patient to leave.

    A. Wash hands only at the beginning of the day.

    B. Wash hands before and after each patient, and use hand sanitizer frequently.

    C. Use gloves without washing hands.

    D. Wash hands only if visibly dirty.