A. Ask them to sit in the waiting area

    B. Give them a new patient packet to fill out

    C. Check their appointment status

    D. Hand them a prescription form

    A. Verify their insurance information

    B. Update their phone number

    C. Obtain a new copy of their ID

    D. Confirm their next appointment

    A. Ignore it and proceed with the check-in

    B. Collect the balance if possible

    C. Cancel their appointment

    D. Update their insurance information

    A. Called in over the phone

    B. Printed, signed by the doctor, and given to the patient

    C. Emailed to the pharmacy

    D. Sent through an online portal

    A. Call the insurance company

    B. Log in and select 'acknowledge'

    C. Fill out a verification form

    D. Print the patient's member summary