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We Keep Your Kids Smiling! Michigan Family Dentistry

We Keep Your Kids Smiling!
Michigan Family Dentistry

Your smile journey

Our Kids Dental Services

Giving your child a good start on their oral health is a great thing to do! We have a wide range of pediatric dental treatments that will help your child enjoy great smiles for life. Call our office today to schedule your child’s appointment and learn about our treatments for your child’s smile.

Regular Checkups

Everybody has to start somewhere, and a pediatric dental visit is the best place for your infant to start receiving regular checkups. These visits are great for parents too because the dentist will help teach you the best way to care for your child’s teeth.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is similar to an adult dental visit and involves cleaning and X-rays to check for cavities.


Speaking of cavities, your child’s dentist will also be able to make repairs. They are specially trained to examine children and infants in ways unique to their needs.


Unfortunately, injuries are common in growing children. Injuries to the jaw and teeth are no exception. A pediatric dentist can repair this damage and provide treatment to help the mouth heal properly. Additionally, if your child participates in sports activities, a pediatric dentist can also custom make mouthguards for their sport.

Thumb Sucking

Some infants and children ween from thumb sucking later than they should. Pediatric dentists are also trained in habit counseling to help overcome this issue. Typically thumb and pacifier sucking is healthy and normal until about the age of 3.

Orthodontic Care

Your child’s dentist will probably be the first dental specialist that will be in a position to assess the future orthodontic needs of your child. They are trained to spot this and can help recommend a plan of action.

Your smile journey

Fully Dedicated to Your Dental Health

Let our patient care advocates help your dental plan to succeed. After an examination and cleaning we will give you our best professional advice along with the best options for treatment. You strive to help you understand what happening in your mouth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the experience of your dentists?

Dr. Mikha has many years of serving the communities and build lasting relationships with her patients. Her staff of Doctors and hygenists all have been handed picked to uphold the standard she has set.

What dental problems do you solve?

We are a full service general dentist. We can address anything from a simple cleaning to advanced oral surgery. If you need something more particular we can refer you to other amazing dentists in the area.

What cities are you located in?

We are a rapidly expanding Dental Provider currently serving  Royal Oak, Flint, Commerce, Oak Park & Southfield

What are the prices in your clinics?

We have many new patient specials as well as custom plans for the most precision cases.

Can you conduct a remote consultation?

We well be adding teledentistry to our services very soon.

Do you have a free consultation?

Yes. We dont charge additional for your Dental Care Plan.  We will consult with you and offer you the best option based on your circumstances.


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Great experience every time I’m there! The staff is friendly and very efficient. Shout out to Dr. Billy who’s an amazing Dentist. He’s super friendly and he definitely knows what he is doing. I’d recommend this dentist office and Dr anytime!

Dr billy and Rami are awesome together .. they got my teeth out in seconds pain no game. I recommend them 100 percent the whole office staff is awesome

Did a really good job staff are friendly. Walked in with an emergency and they took care of the problem I recommend this dentist if you need any dental work done plus the have payment options if you don’t have insurance!

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