A. Turn on open sign by door and lights

    B. Turn on TVs in lobby and rooms in the back

    C. Make coffee

    D. Turn on suction in the circuit breaker box

    A. Ensure all TVs in the room are on

    B. Fill autoclave with water

    C. Stock rooms for the day

    D. Lower chairs in each room

    A. Ensure all lights, TV’s, suction, and computers are turned off

    B. Lift the chairs in each room

    C. Turn off TVs in each room

    D. Run lines in each room

    A. Print new patient packets if more are needed

    B. Make sure clipboards are full of new patient packets

    C. Turn off all computers and TVs

    D. Ensure back door is locked

    A. Fill up and put tab in ultrasonic

    B. Empty ultrasonic

    C. Stock/replace burr blocks

    D. Place basic set-up in each room