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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

An emergency wisdom tooth extraction is common amongst young adults and mostly occurs with the lower wisdom teeth. There a variety of symptoms that one can experience when their wisdom tooth erupts from their gum and results in severe inflammation.

These range from an ache in your jaw, swollen gum tissue, a bad taste or smell in your mouth even after brushing and flossing, to a fever or even difficulty opening your mouth due to the swelling. If you or someone you now may be experiencing these symptoms, call us today and receive urgent care from our specialist.

On-Site Root Canal

Root canals are often a result of a deep cavity or damage and/or an infection to your root’s blood vessels, soft lymph tissues, or nerve fibers. A wide variety of symptoms can be felt, such as throbbing pain when eating or drinking, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, tooth discoloration, swollen gums or even a blister on your gums. If you are familiar with all or any of these symptoms, then we can help. Call us today and our specialist will be able to treat you promptly, bringing an end to your discomfort.

The Process

A chipped tooth can happen for a variety of reasons – maybe you are at your baseball game, and the next thing you know, you are missing part of your permanent tooth. Whether that is the case or not, we can help! A chipped tooth might not seem like an emergency, but even the smallest chip can open doors to an infection and a lot of pain. Visit us today for immediate treatment to your missing tooth.

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Very nice and pleasant in the waiting room, all the staff and the doctor are very caring people. The dental assistant was very nice in explaining why my old dentures didn’t fit properly. I will be referring all of my friends to Deluxe Dental!

Christine Shellhammer

My family has no insurance and I could not afford to take care of my children’s teeth. Deluxe Dental took us in with the best care, treating us no differently. They helped my whole family get our smiles back.

Sam B.

I was referred here by a friend and I am so thankful. After having some very bad experiences with other dentists, I had become anxious with the thought of seeing one. My experiences with Deluxe Dental took all of my worries away.

Serena S.

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