A. Clock in and out using any available system.

    B. Use OpenDental for clocking in and out.

    C. Notify management when you arrive and leave.

    D. Clock in early if you anticipate being busy.

    A. No consequences.

    B. A verbal warning.

    C. A write-up.

    D. Loss of overtime pay.

    A. Whenever needed.

    B. Only if pre-approved by management.

    C. Only on weekends.

    D. Only during certain seasons.

    A. Phones can be used for personal calls during breaks.

    B. Phones must be left in lockers.

    C. Phones must not be used; violation results in a write-up.

    D. Phones can be used discreetly.

    A. At the front desk.

    B. In the employee handbook.

    C. In the breakroom.

    D. On the company website.